Hello dear listeners / friends, the march to the rise of the beast known as Radio Metal ON is running and unstoppable.
All 6 channels are already online and streaming full speed ahead.
The site (metalon.org) is online and full working.
The hard task of upload the mp3 files is on the move and at the moment, already +/- 25% of it already is uploaded.
So, slowly the things are returning to normal.
Thanks for your patience, for listen RMO and of course to the ones that are helping in the economical field, helping with their paypal donations, you rule!
Keep banging and stay tuned!

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  1. Hey dude! It’s been so long! I miss metalon so much, this was the place where i met so many great bands (sabaton, alestorm, muro, volbeat, etc) back when was younger! thank you very much for coming back and wish i could help you stay on, i love this radio! Keep metal living!

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