Hello dear listeners and friends,
The returning of Radio Metal ON slowly is happen. At the moment, already streaming there is five, from six, channels working: The Heavy, The Brutal, The Thrasher, 80s Hard’n’Heavy and a new one “Total” (that plays a mix of music from all the others streams) and soon the Toxic will be online, too.
The work of upload all the music files will take a lot of time, at the moment already are in the server 10% so there is a long journey in front of me. At the moment is natural that you find many bands / songs repetitions , but as time goes by and the mp3 are uploaded the repletion’s will disappear .
The site metalon.org already is online, too. It looks simple, but the most important is that is functional and clean.
So I invite you to listen radio Metal ON channels and of course if you can make a donation to help with the monthly expenses that duplicated with the rent of the new dedicated server, I’ll be very gratefully to you.
Suggestions are welcome!
Listen Radio Metal ON and have fun!

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