Hello everyone !

As we all know, we live in pandemic times; difficult times in terms of health and economy. Since Radio Metal ON is a hobby that I keep with great pleasure and effort, all of its expenses are supported by my salary (and sometimes some (very few) donations from listeners) which is at the same time my family budget Obviously, the family is the most important. Thus, Radio Metal ON is going through a difficult period of economic survival. In an attempt to keep it alive I decided to make the transition between Shoutcast technology and Icecast, which is lighter and more malleable, allowing the server to be downgraded; I also started to use free software, the combination of these 2 factors, allowed for monthly savings.

At the time of writing this text, the entire server is configured with the site and uploading a TB of music missing, but little by little the different streams will come back to life. Go visit the site metalon.org to stay informed!

Radio Metal ON where Metal lives since 2001!


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