Radio Metal ON: The fight continues!

Hello everyone !

As we all know, we live in pandemic times; difficult times in terms of health and economy. Since Radio Metal ON is a hobby that I keep with great pleasure and effort, all of its expenses are supported by my salary (and sometimes some (very few) donations from listeners) which is at the same time my family budget Obviously, the family is the most important. Thus, Radio Metal ON is going through a difficult period of economic survival. In an attempt to keep it alive I decided to make the transition between Shoutcast technology and Icecast, which is lighter and more malleable, allowing the server to be downgraded; I also started to use free software, the combination of these 2 factors, allowed for monthly savings.

At the time of writing this text, the entire server is configured with the site and uploading a TB of music missing, but little by little the different streams will come back to life. Go visit the site to stay informed!

Radio Metal ON where Metal lives since 2001!


New players!

Hello dear listeners,

As you can see the streams page had been updated with a new player that is supposed to work in all browsers. It can take between 10 – till 30 (or more) seconds to load (the bad thing of this script) but the most important is that work!

Have fun and Metal ON! \m/

Problems listening to the broadcast in some browsers

Hi dear listeners,

I am aware of the problems in listening to the streams here on the website, they are related to security protocols. I am studying how to solve this situation because I will have to deal with the streaming server.

In the meantime, I leave links to external sites where you can listen to Radio Metal On’s 6 streams. Just do a search for Radio Metal On.

About wrong album covers

Hello dear Radio Metal ON listeners.

About the album covers that appear in the site, in the now playing. Yes I know that sometimes is wrong, but I can do nothing about it, as this is generated automatically by computers. My apologies.

Alive and kicking!

Yes! Radio Metal ON lives and the Metal, too!
Even don’t coming here posting news, the hard work had been made to keep the station at full speed and working well! The technical maintenance and the musical updates. Every month all the channels get an injection of fresh record releases but because the lake of time the updates aren’t posted here.
Anyway, Radio Metal ON keeps running and hope you keep having fun!
Horns up! \m/

January Musical update

And here we go with some recent record releases that you can hear from today on Radio Metal ON.

Ancestral – Master Of Fate

Ancillotti – Strike Back

Barbarossa – He Who Walks Alone(Ep)

Beyond Description – The Robotized

Black Alle Lobotomy – Crac In Lapa(Demo)

Blind The Eye

Blood Region – Fo All The Fallen Heroes(Ep)

Blutrina – Looney Fuckin’ Grind

Booze Control – The Lizard Rider

Born Again – Strike With Power Read More

The beast is marching on…

Hello dear listeners / friends, the march to the rise of the beast known as Radio Metal ON is running and unstoppable.
All 6 channels are already online and streaming full speed ahead.
The site ( is online and full working.
The hard task of upload the mp3 files is on the move and at the moment, already +/- 25% of it already is uploaded.
So, slowly the things are returning to normal.
Thanks for your patience, for listen RMO and of course to the ones that are helping in the economical field, helping with their paypal donations, you rule!
Keep banging and stay tuned!

Work in progress

Hello dear listeners and friends,
The returning of Radio Metal ON slowly is happen. At the moment, already streaming there is five, from six, channels working: The Heavy, The Brutal, The Thrasher, 80s Hard’n’Heavy and a new one “Total” (that plays a mix of music from all the others streams) and soon the Toxic will be online, too.
The work of upload all the music files will take a lot of time, at the moment already are in the server 10% so there is a long journey in front of me. At the moment is natural that you find many bands / songs repetitions , but as time goes by and the mp3 are uploaded the repletion’s will disappear .
The site already is online, too. It looks simple, but the most important is that is functional and clean.
So I invite you to listen radio Metal ON channels and of course if you can make a donation to help with the monthly expenses that duplicated with the rent of the new dedicated server, I’ll be very gratefully to you.
Suggestions are welcome!
Listen Radio Metal ON and have fun!

Welcome to Radio Metal ON 2.0

After some months of indecision from myself and some listeners requesting the return of the RMO, I decided taking back Radio Metal ON to life again. As I lost all the data I have in the server, I’m starting from zero.

At the moment I’m in tests and at any moment the streams, the site can be offline and return online again.

Slowly the streams, one by one will be putted online again, in the first months maybe the songs and the bands will be a lot repeated, but as time goes by, everything will return to normal, as it was before the server crush.

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Take care and thanks for don’t forget about RMO