Today the Musical data base of Radio Metal On:The Heavy was updated with some fresh records:
3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

Accept – Stalingrad

Alister – Otrov

Amaranthe – Amaranthe

Amberian Dawn – Circus Black

Analgesia – Beyond Illusion

Beyond The Labyrinth – Chapter III – Stories

Cage – Supremacy Of Steel

Cobra – Lethal Strike

Conquest – IV

Crimson Shadows – Glory On The Battlefield

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Site improvements

On April 11, 2012, in Radio Metal On News, by Nathan

Hello fellow headbangers.

As you might have noticed the site went down for a few days not long ago, this was because our servers were attacked by bloody hackers (Who i am sure listen to hip-hop) it was a bit of a struggle to have things back on line but we managed to do it.

I am constantly checking that everything is working back to normal, but if i miss something do not hesitate to let me know on the comments section.
In the mean time Rusty Mandoline offered R.M.O a brand new logo, that you can see sitting on the header of the site!

Now we are concentrated in:

The Wizard: Making the site display faster and tunning stuff here and there.
The Master: As always, adding more and more music.

Dont be surprised if in a few days a new stream sprouts out of the site…

Also i would like to mention that the Guitar on the right side gets the band names from our listeners… So the more you listen to R.M.O. The more bands will appear around the guitar, lets see if we can cover it completly in band names smoke.


Returning to life…

On April 10, 2012, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

Step by step, our site is returning to life again, not every sections are 100% working yet, but with time we are reaching our goal, of have the site working as it was, before the attack. The Wizard is working very hard to make it happen.

About emails:

Only a few days ago, I get access to the emails again. So if you send us any mail between, March,16th and March 29th, please send it again, because during that days our mail box was offline.

Thanks for the comprehension and preference.

Radio Metal On listeners are the best in the f***in world!\m/


R.M.O Has a new logo thanks to one of our listeners who took the time to make a new one; more original, more professional and much more better looking.
We would like to thank R.M.O. listener Rusty Mandolini that in a volunteer condition created it for us. (And hope he is not mad at the Wizard for having modified it in order to fit his twisted likings…)
Thanks a lot to him! And apologies for the time it took to appear on the site due to unforeseen technical problems.

Also in the last 2 weeks, we made a monstrous musical update to the 3 streams.
Basically, it was all the records we had planed update during the second half of the last year, but that wasnt done yet because the troubles we had with the server where our streams were stored at that time.

The list is so big that is impossible put it here (it’s over 400 records!).

Thanks to all the listeners for their preference, help and promotion they give to Radio Metal On.
Keep fighting for Metal! Horns up!


Here it goes another list of records / Bands recently added to the rotation of Radio Metal On:The Heavy


Another Destiny Project – S/T

BlackSun – Dance Of Elders

Chainfist – Black Out Sunday

Dark Lord – The Nighttime Years 1986-1988

Dark Ages – Teumman

Dimitriy Pavloskiy – Power Squad

Domain Of Dreams – Domain Of Dreams

Elixir – Unleash The Magic

Evil Masquerade – Black Ravens Cry(Single)

Fireyed – From The Ground Floor

FTW Boogie Machine – Bull’s Eye

Lord Volture – Never Cry Wolf

Nightqueen – For Queen And Metal

Onatra – For Your Soul (Ep)

Pantheon – Empire Of Madness

Prassein Aloga – Midas Touch

Serena Rock Band – Rolling on the Road

Serena Rock Band – Buchi Nell’anima

Seven Thorns – Return To The Past

The MFC Dragon Slayer All Star Project – Let’s Unite In Rock

Voodoo Highway – Broken Uncle’s Inn

X-Hero – X-Hero (Remastered)

As always thanks to all the bands/Labels and promoters involved.



One more musical update to the Metal On: The Brutal



AK-11 – Demo

Biipiigwan – God’s Hooks

Blood Label – Existence Expires

Coprolith – Hate Infected (EP)

Davidian – Our Fear Is Their Force

Deadend In Venice – See You On The Ground

Enthral – Obtenebrate

Heresiae – Heresiae

Inferius Torment – Ceremony Of Godslaying

Nowen – Essence Of Fear

Omega Centauri – Universum Infinitum

Re Armed – Worldwide Hypnotize

Sadistik Forest – Death Doom Radiation

Waning – The Human Condition

Heretic Soul – Mental Decay(One Song)

As always, thanks to the bands/labels/promoters involved!


Brutal update!

On February 10, 2012, in Radio Metal On Musical Updates, by Metalon

Today it was added a big amount of records/bands to RMO:The Brutal

Abominable Putridity – The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin
Archaios – The Distant
Be Fading Fast – Global Attack
Bodyfarm – Bodyfarm (EP)
Breath Of Beherith – Minds Of Blind
Desecravity – Implicit Obedience
Devilish Distance – Deathtruction
Diathesis – The Inception (EP)
Disemboweled – Hymns Of Massacre (EP)
Domestic Terror
Dying Humanity – Living On The Razor’s Edge
Educated Scum – React
Enthraller – The Devil King of the Sixth Heaven
Extinct Gods – Wartribe
Formless Terror – Sovereign Chaos Authority
Hate Squad – Katharsis
Mummified In Circuitry – Echoes Of Morality
Nightfire – Penumbra
Ossastorium – Expergo
Ouroboros – Glorification Of A Myth
Profanation – Contorted Bodies In Pain
Recueil Morbid – Only Hate Left
Sanguis Imperem – In Glory We March Towards Our Doom
Smohalla – Resilience
Sulaco – Build And Burn
Susperia – We Are The Ones
Symbolik – Pathogenesis EP
The Sun Through A Telescope – Summer Darkyard
Unbodied – Unbodied (EP)
Uncreation – Burning Blood
Vacantfield – Iteration
Venenum – Venenum
Thanks to all bands/promoters/record labels involved! More musical updates coming soon!


Radio Metal On is enthusiastic supporting Barroselas Metal Fest \m/

SWR15 – teaser 1 from SWR inc. – sonic events on Vimeo.


Musical update

On January 28, 2012, in Radio Metal On Musical Updates, by Metalon

Finally, after some months of searching for servers and a big number of tests, it’s time to start injecting in our musical library fresh blood, meaning new music.
So here it goes the first of many musical updates that we are planning for the next days.


The Heavy:
Arven – Music Of Light
Calibre Zero – 4 songs
Ripio – Vengador De Perdedores
Rob Mancini – Rock’N'Roll Circus

The Thrasher:
DESCENDING – New Death Celebrity
DIABOLOS DUST – Ruins Of Mankind
JAILOR – Evil Corrupts


Radio Metal On new IPs

On January 17, 2012, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

The maintenance scheduled to this morning was a success, as it was made quick and without incidents.

Since this morning that the 3 streams of RMO are been streamed from our new server, so we have new IPs to the listen links. You all should update your links with the new IPs, because in a few weeks the older ones will be shut down without any future warning.

The best way to get the new links is always, come to this page and choose the stream of your preference and click over the player you usually use.

Wish you all a happy listening and a strong headbanging!\m/


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