Musical update to the “The Heavy” channel

Crystal Eyes – KillerCRYSTAL_EYES-Killer

Face – A New Light

Great White – Saturday Night Special

Hell’s Chopper – First Ride

Kalidia – Lies’ Device

Lou Siffer And The Howling Demons – At Your Service

Mandragora – First Attack EpHellsChopperFirstRide

Nasty Whores – Nasty Whores

Overdrive – The Final Nightmare

Overwind – Illustrator

Project Terror – Conquistador

Reaper – An Atheist Monument

Scarved – Dynamite

Sunless Sky – FirebreatherJoh. Heinr. Füssli, Die Nachtmahr/1781

Unherz – Sturm Drang

Vanity Blvd – Wicked Temptation

Wild Witch – Burning Chains (Demo 2014)

Witchfyre – Legends Rites And Witchcraft

Thanks to:

Collectors Dream Records, Inferno Records, Massacre Records, Metal Heart Media, Mighty Music, Pure Rock Records, Pure Steel Records, Rock N Growl, Rock Shots, Sleazy Rider Records and Skyfire Interactive

Musical update to the “The Brutal” channel

Arcanum Sanctum – Veritas Odium ParitAzooma - A Hymn of the Vicious Monster

Azooma – A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster

Bane Of Bedlam – Monument Of Horror

Coffinborn – Beneath The Cemetery

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy – Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures

Death Vomit – Gutted By Horrors

Eosphorus – Winds Of ApepDeath Vomit - Gutted by Horrors

Exordium Mors – The Apotheosis Of Death

Horrid – Blasphemic Creatures (Reissue)

Human Devastation – Condenación

Loudrage – Undead Crawlers

Necrophor – The Eye Of Terror

Necrophor – Verbum Vexillifer

Sawhill Sacrifice – Weri Ioca Waluo

Thanks to:

Catharsis PR, The Spew Records, Violent Journey Records, Worm Hole death Press, Xtreme Music

Musical update with the contribution of Defox Records / Heart Of Steel Records

Here it goes a cool musical update to 4 Radio Metal ON channels with record releases from the Italian record label Defox Records /Heart Of Steel Records and other sub-labels of their group.

THE BRUTAL:COVER_silence_oath_1440
Silence Oath – Beneath A Bleading Sky

Alex De Rosso – Lions & Lambs
Alicate – Free Falling
Anastasio Farini – Lil’ Angel
Brave – The Last Battle
Carnival Sun – Sun Of A Bitchcarnivalsun_frontcover.p
Concordea – Before The Sunrise
Daily Noise Club – Rock’n’roll Fixx
Dark Ages – Teumman Part 2
Drawzznikk – Wings
Fearless – Ancient Wisdom
Fire Strike – Lion And Tiger
Fox N’snakes – Sacrifice
Garuda Force – Blue Skyheart_attack_cover1440
Heart Attack – Heart Attack
Love Machine – Alive’n’well
Luca Zamberlin – Mad For It
Luca Zamberlin – High Dosage
Mindfuel – Time For A Change
Neversin – Of Robots And Men
Red Bertoldini – Red
S.B.S. – Heaven Can Wait…sbs_cover.1440
Tezza F – The Message

Deaflock – Courage To Expose All

Midnight Rain – Evolution I
Sacrificed – The Path Of Reflections
To What End – Nothing Left To Burn

Thanks to the label owner Mr. Mirco DeFox Galliazzo for turning this update true.
If you wish to know more about the label please visit their site located at:

Toxic channel music update

Here is the list of the latest bands / records added to the Toxic channel:BLACK_BOOK_LODGE_Black Book Lodge
Alexanred – Rest After Results (CD-s)
Art Far Away – Verisimilitude & The Second Estate
Black Book Lodge – Tûndra
Blackdahlia – Fragments
Blood Label – Snake In The Grass (Single)
Burned In Blizzard – The Perspective Of Alter Ego
Caladmor – Of Stones And Stars
Desource – Dirty Happiness
Devlsy – A Parade Of StatesCD_cover
Eisregen – Floetenfreunde
Embrace Of Disharmony – Humananke
Emptiness – Nothing But The Whole
Etta Zero – The Last Of All Sunsets
Forest Of Tygers – Bruises
Furtherial – Destroying Atropolis
Gravecode Nebula – Sempiternal Void
Heidra – Awaiting DawnCover crop
Kal-EL – Pakal
Mater Dea – A Rose For Egeria
Miasmic Theory – Miasmic Theory
Nex Locus – Devolution
OWL – Into The Absolute
Panopticon – Roads To The North
Powerstroke – In For A Penny, In For A Pound
Process Pain – Outcast Of SocietyCOVER 1400x1400 72dpi
Sad Dolls – Grave Party
Setge – Fang I Setge
stOrk – Broken Pieces Emphasis
The Experiment No. Q – The Experiment No Q
Wolves At The Gate – VxV

This update had the contribution of the next labels / promoters:
Area Sonica Records, Catharsis PR, Dark Descent Records, Dr. Music Records, Inverse Records, MAA prod, Massacre Records, Metal Message Promotion, Mighty Music, My Kingdom Music, Rock Shots Promotion, Solid State Records,Worm Holedeath Records

Musical update to the “The Thrasher” channel

Ashura – Mindhood
Chronosphere – Embracing Oblivion
Deathrage – Down In The Depth Of Sickness (reissue)
Deathrage – Self Conditioned, Self Limited (reissue)
Eruption – Lifeless Paradise
Fuck Off -smile As You Kill
Infamous Sinphony – Manipulation
National Napalm Syndicate – Lex TalionisNNS_Lex_Talionis_Front_1400
Space Eater – Passing Through The Fire To Molech
Toxic Waltz – Decades Of Pain
Trigant – Wolves

Thank you very much to the promoters / labels, that made this update possible:
Earthquake Terror Noise, Mestal MessagePromotion, Punishment 18 Records, PureSteelRecords,Violent Journey Records, Xtreem Music

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