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Iubaris was created in January 2008 by two guitarists Antares and Erthun. Drummer Kabuka and bass player Aquila joined soon, completing the band’s line up. Their musical style is a mix between many classical and modern genres of metal with raw black metal. After Aquila was replaced by Vulpus, the band released it’s first official demo in the beginning of 2009. In the year 2010 the band entered Sounds Great Promotion studio, recording the first 4 tracks that will end on the Ars Sathanae debut album. Iubaris played many live shows across all Poland, and participated in different independent metal festivals. They performed with bands like Christ Agony, Furia, Fulcrum, Unborn Suffer and Pleroms Gate. In February 2012 Erthun decides to leave the band for personal reasons, and is replaced by Mjolnir.

General Info

Home Page:http://www.myspace.com/iubaris

Band Members: (5) Band members: Antares – lead vocals, guitars; Vulpus – bass, backing vocals; Kabuka – drums; Mjolnir – guitars;
Genres: black metal, alternative metal

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Tellus Requiem

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Tellus Requiem consists of five members which all have different musical approaches. The diversity of individuals in the band results in a big sounding score that blends perfectly together. From the crunchy guitar wall with juicy leads your ears are battered with heavy and groovy machinery that sends you into a world of music that everyone can like. This is all fused together with beautiful melodies and such soar parts you either get it right in your face or straight through your heart. When Tellus Requiem is on stage you are bound to get an epic night

General Info

Home Page:http://www.tellusrequiem.com

Band Members: (5) Ben Rodgers – Vocals (new 2012), Vidar Lehmann – Drums (new 2012), Anders Sundbø – Synth, Stig Nergård – Guitar, Ivar Hagen Bøe – Bass
Genres: Heavy Metal/ Progressive metal

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Red Horizon
First single released on friday 11th of may 2012 from their new album: “Invictus (The eleventh hour)”

Footage from Trondheim Metal Fest 2012.


Sunday is aproching and in that day, at 4 PM we have another session of Heavy Rock Rapture radioshow, in the stream Radio Metal On: The Heavy. If you miss it, it’ll repeat on Monday: 10 PM and Wednesdays: 2 AM (please keep in mind that all times are GMT).
Even if this way you missed it, you can always listen it on demand.
It will be a “Scorpions special this week, including extensive interview with Herman Rarebell”, is this way that Roger Fauske, the presenter descrive this session.
Don’t loose it!


Here are the list of the latest musical releases added to Radio Metal On: The Brutal:

Advent Of Bedlam – Flesh Over God

Aeba – Nemesis – Decay Of God s Grandeur

Aion-6 – Perfect Grey

Allerjen – Equilibrium

Archetype – Asylum

Asphyx – Deathhammer

Avatar – Black Waltz

Awakening Sun – Sold Out

Banished from Inferno – Minotaur

Beyond Creation – The Aura

BlackShore – Legion

Blasphemist – Shadowtorned World

Bleeding Red – Evolutions Crown

Cannibal Corpse – Torture

Dark Eternity – Selenia

Decaying – Encirclement

Dekadent – Venera Trial & Tribulation

Deuteronomium – Deathbed Poetry Hope Against Hope

Drudkh – Eternal Turn Of The Wheel

Engraved Disillusion – Embers Of Existence

Extinct Gods – Wartribe

Fear Of Domination – Create.Control.Exterminate

Frequency – Rotten Empire

Goatwhore – Blood For The Master

Hammer Horde – Vinlander

Hellsaw – Trist

Horns Of Hattin – De Veritate

Hour Of Penance – Sedition

Intestinal Disgorge – Dripping In Quiet Places

Izegrim – Code Of Consequences

Kadavrik – N.O.A.H.

Lunar Aurora – Hoagascht

Maleit – Maleint El Mon

Melissa – In The Face Of Death

Mors Subita – Human Waste Compression

Mortad – The Myth Of Purity

Naglfar – Téras

Napalm Death – Utilitarian

Nothnegal – Decadence

Obscura – Illegimitation

Obscurcis Romancia – Theatre Of Deception

Opera IX – Strix – Maledictae In Aeternum

Pandemonium – Misanthropy

Prey For Nothing – Against All Good And Evil

Re-Armed – Worldwide Hypnotize

Riul Doamnei – Fatima

Ruin of Remembrance – Second World

Seelengreif – …Zum Tode Betrubt

Shadowmind – World Gone Mad

Slytract – Existing Unreal

Spawn Of Possession – Incurso

Taranis – Kingdom

Terrorizer – Hordes Of Zombies

The Last Hangmen – Servants Of Justice

Tracedawn – Lizard Dusk

Vesen – Goat Carcass Rising

Vinterblot – Nether Collapse

Vulcano – Drowning In Blood

When Nothing Remains – As All Torn Asunder

Zgard – Reclusion

As always, thank you very much, to all the bands, record labels and promoters, for the co-operation.




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Based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Edge of Attack blends old-school Thrash Metal with a modern edge, creating a sound unlike any other. Bringing back shredding with furious guitar riffs, combined with double-bass drumming, Edge of Attack is a force to be reckoned with.

General Info

Home Page:http://www.edgeofattack.com

Band Members: (4) Roxanne Gordey – Vocals, Jurekk Whipple – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Trevor Swain- Drums, Denver Whipple- Bass
Genres: Metal / Power Metal / Thrash Metal

Music on demand





Edge of Attack – Forever (Official Video)




Next Sunday at 4 PM will debut the radio show: Heavy Rock Rapture, in the stream Radio Metal On: The Heavy. If you miss it, it’ll repeat on Monday: 10 PM and Wednesdays: 2 AM (please keep in mind that all times are GMT).
Even if this way you missed it, you can always listen it on demand. Expect a great one hour radio show with interviews and music based on Classic Rock and New Wave Of British Heavy Metal!
In this debut show according with the presenter, Roger Fauske, own words:


“…features a couple of guests again. I’ll be talking to Pat McManus , naturally enough from the Pat McManus Band, about his music and upcoming dates with the Quireboys. I’ll also be talking to Alexa De Strange about all things de strange. Wonderful music as always as well of course and generally putting the music world to rights.
Tracks from Gillan, Mama’s Boys, as well as the 2 guests.”

You have been warned: don’t miss it!


Thrasher musical update

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A small musical update to The thrasher stream:
4ARM – Submission For Liberty
Abysmalia – Amid Adversities
Mpire Of Evil – Hell To The Holy
Necronomicon – Invictus
Skull Hammer – Destroyers Of The Faith
Soulfly – Enslaved
The Horde – Thy Blackened Reign


Radio Metal On and you

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If you have a band that is receiving air time on R.M.O or have a band and wish to receive air time with us, please get in touch as we are about to dedicate a section of the site to help promoting Metal bands in where we would like to show a biography of the band, some pictures and even some direct links to listen to the mp3 instead of waiting for them to play in the rotation.
But evidently the bands need to provide the information, so please Contact the Wizard

Also for long time listeners who wish so, we will be creating R.M.O email addresses upon request… If you want to have one register on the site and get in touch with the Wizard.


Today the Musical data base of Radio Metal On:The Heavy was updated with some fresh records:
3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

Accept – Stalingrad

Alister – Otrov

Amaranthe – Amaranthe

Amberian Dawn – Circus Black

Analgesia – Beyond Illusion

Beyond The Labyrinth – Chapter III – Stories

Cage – Supremacy Of Steel

Cobra – Lethal Strike

Conquest – IV

Crimson Shadows – Glory On The Battlefield

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Heavy Rock Rapture radioshow

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After a long, long time without any radio shows, Radio Metal On, have the pleasure and the honour of receiving in “The Heavy” stream weekly hour show dedicated to the N.W.O.B.H.M.(*) and to the Classic Rock, the show; “Heavy Rock Rapture”, offers besides the music, interviews with legendary musicians.



The Heavy Rock Rapture radio show will be broadcasted every Sunday: 4PM and then repeated on Mondays: 10 PM and Wednesdays: 2 AM, please keep in mind that all times are GMT.

First show, here in Radio Metal On: The Heavy will be on, Sunday,  April the 22nd .
The show is produced/presented by Roger Fauske in Stroud FM (UK) to know more about it’s work, please visit Rock Rotation Radio



(*) New Wave Of Brittish Heavy Metal

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