These are the latest musical entries to the rotation of Radio Metal ON: Toxic channel:

Angerman – No Tears For The DevilWHD056_Booklet_printers_spreads-1
Anthem Of Sickness – Through The Eyes Of A Glorious Raven
Circle Of Chaos – Crossing The Line
Creinium – Project Utopia
Dark Days Ahead – North Star Blues
Herod – They Were None
Khroma – Collapse
Lauma Kuun – Tbn
My Reflection – This World Belongs To UsBAK_digipack_6pp_1CD_siatka
Neptune – Prelude To Nothing
Other Eyes Wise – Zer(O)
Planet Rain – The Fundamental Principles
Riotgod – Driven•Rise
Sercati -The Rise Of The Nightstalker
Sleeper Effect – The Hero Clone
Sunnata – Climbing The Colossus
Tentacle – Ingot EyeTENTACLE COVER_LOW
Vesperia – An Olden Tale

Thank you very much to our partners in crime:
Earthquake Terror Noise, Grom Records, Inverse Records, Massacre Records, Mighty Music, PRC Music and Worm Holedeath


Some fresh and advance records added to “The Thrasher” channel:
Arising Fear – Beyond BetrayalE-Force - The Curse
E-Force – The Curse
Harlott – Origin
Hidden Intent – Walking Through Hell
Napalm Storm – Harmless Cruelty
Ripsaw – An Evening In Chaos
Witheria – Devastating Return

Thanks to the ones that made it happen:
Mausoleum Records; Metal Message PR; Punishment 18 Records; No Remorse Records, Rock N Growl and ViolentJourneyRecords


Fresh music added to the “The Heavy” Channel:
Albinoe Rhino – Albinoe Rhino
Alien Ken – Contactfolder
Crystal Tears – Hellmade
Diamond Lane – Terrorizer
Evil Masquerade – Like Voodoo (Single)
Existance – Steel Alive
Exorcism – I Am God
Factor Hate – The Watcher
Gun Barrel – Damage Dancer
Ice Dragon – The Burl,The Earth,The AetherExorcismIAmGodCover
Ice Dragon – The Sorrowful Sun
Ice Dragon – Tome Of The Future Ancients
Iron Knights – Iron Knights
Kill Ritual – The Eyes Of Medusa
Kirk – Masquerade
Metalsteel – This Is Your Revelation
Miracle Master – Tattooed Woman
Skinner – Sleepwalkersfolder
Skull Fist – Chasing The Dream
Valonkantajat – Pimentola
Vengeful Ghoul – Timeless Warfare
Zephaniah – Stories From The Book Of Metal

This Update only was possible because RMO had the help of our partners in crime:
Dark Minstrel Music, Dead Inside Records, Golden Core Records/ZYX Music, Inverse Records, Massacre Records, Mausoleum Records, Metal Box Recordings, Metal Message PR, Online Metal Promo, PRC MUSIC, Rock N Growl, Violent Journey Records


Here it goes a small list with some new records added to the The Brutal channel:

Among Gods – Monumentbloodthirst_chalice_of_contempt_WEB
Bloodthirst – Chalice Of Contempt
Defaced Creation – Serenity In Chaos (Reissue)
Icon Of Evil – Syfilis Mentalis
Loudrage – Uglier Than Thou
Seal Of Solomon – I The King

Thanks to the labels / Promoters for made this update possible:
Pagan Records, PRC Music, Punishment 18 Records and Worm Holedeath


Musical update.

On March 22, 2014, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

During last week a massive update had happen to 4 of Radio Metal ON channels: The Heavy, The Brutal, The Thrasher & Toxic.
Unfortunately due to lack of time is not possible to provide me the list of new bands / albums included. But listeners can easily note them since all the new entries are placed in high rotation, so you just need listen to find them.
More new musical releases will be added very soon. Stay tuned!


Some updates to the RMO status

On February 4, 2014, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

As promised during January our old server was closed and now only the new server is working. Because of this death our old IP died too. So now only the new links are working.
With the arrive of the new server, finally I had the chance of implement something that I was expecting for a long time: have every RMO channel in 2 different formats: mp3 and aac+.
Had increase the bitrate of the mp3 from 128 kbs to 192 kbs for a higher sound quality and using the aac+ stream for low bandwidth net connections (as in aac+ 48 kbs the sound quality is near 128 kbs mp3).
The creation of 2 new channels: Toxic and Crushing! that slowly are conquering it’s listeners and made RMO more diverse and giving a bigger musical range to choose.


Musical updates

On February 4, 2014, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

During the last January I had been updating the music library of all our streams. The list is enormous so I decided don’t publish the list of titles because a question of time. But if you are a usual listener you should notice the appearing of lot recent musical releases that wasn’t part of RMO playlists.


Radio Metal ON: Toxic launched!

On January 14, 2014, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

Since last Sunday (January, 12th ) is online the new Radio Metal ON channel: TOXIC. This new channel was created to play all the styles that don’t play in the others Radio Metal ON channels.
In Radio Metal ON: Toxic you can listen some Metal tendencies that Radio Metal ON didn’t play till now, such as: Modern Metal, Metalcore, Gothic Metal, Industrial Metal, Sludge, Stoner, Alternative, Avantgarde, Post Metal and much more. Expect a diverse playlist to open mind people.
Hope you enjoy this new channel and have a lot of fun listen to it. Your feedback is always welcome!


Radio Metal ON: Crushing!

On January 4, 2014, in Radio Metal On News, by Metalon

Is with an enormous pleasure and excitement that I introduce to you a new Radio Metal ON channel, “Crushing!”.
Is a channel dedicated to the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal recorded in the 80s, not only the big names, but that ones already eclipsed by time from our memory.
Listen, enjoy and if you wish, let me know your opinion.


New year, new plans!

On January 4, 2014, in Radio Metal On News, RMO status, by Metalon

2013 was a intense year of searching for a server. A low cost one, that give us capacity to grow. Using new technologies of stream and implement of new channels. Of course we find a lot with capacity to do that but always, too much expensive. Finally and after lots and lots of experimentation, it seems we find a good one, not enough powerful, as initial I want, but that will give us the enough capacity to expand Radio Metal ON.

So for the new year, 2014, you can expect:

-Migration to a new server and the shot down of the old one, so you should update your links to listen (expect this happen in 1 or 2 weeks, maximum) .
-Each channel is now streamed in 2 different formats: mp3 and AAC+ (the latest one thinking in the mobile engines).
-New channels added to Radio Metal ON (2 or 3, not sure yet it all depends in the server capacity)
-And some changes in this site, too.

Hope you will enjoy this changes, as they are made thinking in you, the listener, always trying to give you the best listening experience with the best music.

Happy new year dear Radio Metal ON listeners / friends!
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