Heavy Rock Rapture show

This weeks Roger’s Fauske Heavy Rock Rapture show is an action packed 2 hours. With Paul MacNamara from NWOBHM band Salem in the studio, and more interviews with Pat MacManus talking about what he has planned and his thoughts on the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Gary Moore, Alexa de Strange talking about hard rock rising and their plans and Dave Humphries from Reign of Fury talking about their homecoming gig, new material and about everything else. As well as all that, music from Gary Moore, Salem, Audrey Horne, Rory Gallagher, Alexa de Strange, Reign of Fury, Pat MacManus, Magnum and more.

Listen it on RMO: The Heavy: Sunday, at 4 PM and repeat on Monday: 10 PM and Wednesdays: 2 AM (please keep in mind that all times are GMT).Even if this way you missed it, you can always listen it on demand.

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