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    1. HI Metal On these radio stations that you broadcast are the best man!!!
      and it’s one of the reasons why i bought a internet radio now! the only problem being though you’re not on the Frontier Silicon server which my radio uses :-(
      do you think you may use it in the future? if not i’ll just have to come back to my pc more often to check them out! \m/

      1. Hi man,
        Thanks for your words about RMO.
        About Frontier Silicon, I don’t know how to add our channels to them, but visiting their site ( I read this: “The website also enables you to add radio stations to the portal that are not currently being promoted.” So I suppose you can add our channels to their list. As I can’t because I try register in their site but I can’t as I don’t have any radio from them or any internet radio at all, LOL.
        If you need any info about the station (IP, etc), please let me now and I’ll try help you.
        Cheers and thanks for listen!

        1. hi
          thanks for the quick reply! yes i would really appreciate the IP addresses to all the Metal On stations so i could add them in to my favourites that would be great!!! iI wasn’t sure how you would feel if i asked about the IP addresses so i didn’t ask! Not sure how long Frontier Silicon have been going but maybe there is a contact on their website so they could help you get the Metal On stations on to it? anyway keep up the good work! and the banging metal too!!! \m/ \m/ :-)

          1. Hi Gooner666,
            No problem about the IP, it’s not a secret and is very easy to discover it. So here it goes:
            The Heavy:
            The Brutal:
            The Thrasher:
            About Frontier Silicone, I suppose that if you add our channels to their list it isn’t necessary I get in touch with them.
            If you need anything more, please let me know.

          2. hey man many thanks for the IP’s! i now have all 5 stations in my favourites and they sound excellent on my radio!!! long live MetalOn! \m/ 😉

  1. fuck!!! I’ve been listening to the thrasher for what seems like years and telling everyone who would listen to tune into it. Then I find out there’s more?? YOU GUYS FUCKING RULE! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much for your great words about RMO, but I a eaven big thanks fo r you be a listener!
      Is this kind of words that give me more pleasure and strength to keep the radio alive!
      Thanks, and stay tuned!

    1. Hi, Thanks for your nice words.
      We try having a bit of everything, for everybody. Of course lots and lots of old records and bands are missing but I’m always uploading musical stuff, so as time goes by, more complete the musical collection is… but of course, always will be something missing! LOL
      Thrash it up! \m/

      1. I definitively love you….Thrasher is passing my Italian Thrash…you are the best guys…if you can find some Hyades record too to be added I am going to build you a statue in the middle of London

        1. His a pleasure makes our listeners happy. I think is better you start thinking in build the promised statue :-) till the end of this week I’m counting in have something of what you request…. :-)

  2. Hi Radio Metal On,

    My band, The Filth Hounds, are an unsigned act from north-east England. We would like to feature on your unsigned bands page and hopefully get some airtime.

    Is there an email address that we can send our mp3’s and band bio to?



    1. Fretting, We have already submitted the new IPs but they seem to take a while to update their links. Thanks for pointing that out.
      However for us is better if you use our own listen now links, by doing so you help R.M.O to become more popular with search engines and stuff….

      1. I do when I’m at my computer, but on mobile I don’t… Using an Android or iOS shell program like TuneIn and WinAmp makes it much easier. It would be great if you guys had a native app.

        Thanks for the follow-up on the updates. I also sent them an email requesting they update the new link.

        Another thing you need to be aware of… The Web of Trust web site which many Firefox and Chrome browser users use to block bad sites has as a SPAM site. You may wish to contact them directly as it appears your web site is being unfairly singled out. I posted a positive comment (see but it still has a low score. I highly recommend to all Metal ON fans that they sign up on the site and rate with 5 positive points on all areas they are rated on.

        And lastly, I liked darklord777’s use of “ON” and highly recommend you make a simple change to the station name to just capital letters for “ON”… Because as your blog suggests, great metal radio is ON 24/7 on Radio Metal ON!

        You guys have personally turned me on to so many new bands that I did not know that existed through your efforts. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication to the metal scene!

        Metal ON! \m/

        1. Fretting, thanks for your comments, We were not aware of that and we really appreciate the time you took to let us know about this and the good review in mywot. We created a profile there and claimed the site, and will monitor it.

          Regarding the name i will check with the master but i think it was intended to be uppercase “ON” (then we had an oversight when doing the site :S )

          Thanks for your good feedback, we are constantly working to provide more and more, make the station evolve, share GOOD Music and provide a better experience for our listeners.

          …might the METAL Live forever!


        1. Thanks for beying a long time listener. The new one is much better, for several reasons, that I already write here. But over all, it’s original! The old one,was something made by me in a transitional period, after that, we already have a new variation of it.

    1. Concordo contigo Peras.
      Se te referes a ouvir a Rádio em FM, penso que a resposta é nunca.
      No entanto, poderás ouvir a Radio Metal On em todo lado, basta um tlm 3g android e uma ligação á net.
      Happy listening! \m/

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