In this space I’ll try put answers to questions the listeners can have. If you have some question about Radio Metal On, and the is not here, please post it and I’ll answer to it, A.S.A.P.

Thanks for your interest in Radio Metal On.

How I get in touch with Radio Metal On?

R.M.O. main form of contact is by EMAIL, please use: info <at> metalon.org

You can follow us on different social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Using the links on the sidebar.

I have a band; how I get airtime in Radio Metal On?

The first step is sending one email to: info <at> metalon.org with a link to your bands Myspace / Facebook / Reverbnation profile, to listen your music.

If I enjoy it, I’ll answer to your email with instructions to send us the files.

Very important: Never send mp3 files by email without talking with me first.

I have a radio show; would you be willing to broadcast it?

As with the bands we are open to listen and if we like what we ear why not!

Can I do a request? (Posted by:Miguelione)

No! Unfortunately, it isn’t possible make requests, because our radio automation software don’t give us that option.

However you can make suggestions for music you think should play in the station, if it fits and we like it it will be added to the rotation.

Can I relay R.M.O Stream?

No without our express authorization, however you are welcome to contact us and tell us why you would like to relay the stream  and we can work something.

If you relay our stream without our autorization the IP of the relay will be banned.

Can I link to R.M.O?

Yes you are welcome to link to us, however see above, do not simply grab our stream and put it on your page.  The best will be to contact us and let us know.

Do I need to register in your site to listen Radio Metal ON?

No! You only need to register if you want to post any comment here in matelon.org. To listen you don’t need to register here or in any other site.

Do I need pay to listen Radio Metal ON?

NO! Our streams are totally free, so no one need pay or register to listen. If any site is asking you to pay or register to listen they aren’t being honest. Come to our site, and listen from our links. They are the only official ones.


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