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Radio Metal ON, the end?

Dear listeners / friends:

As you maybe notice during 2014 (last 3 months) and the beginning of 2015 (first 4 months), Radio Metal ON had been stopped in the activities of musical updates and answering to mails (even thinking that the 5 channels always had been online and playing music). It had been real hard times in several aspects: health, family, professionally and monetary. I must confess that during this time, I had thinking many times in shutdown the radio and put an end to this project, but at the last moment I never had the courage to do it (yes! I’m a coward!) as Radio Metal ON had been a important part of my life for the last 12 years. During these long months I had lost the chance of collect many promo packages and many of communication with labels, promoters, bands and listeners, was lost. I want send my excuses to all the ones that had write and don’t had answered yet. Now, I will restart answering to new and old mails, slowly without pressures or rush and hope soon be able to restart with new musical updates.

Yes! I know this isn’t professional but I never told that Radio Metal ON was a professional radio station! On the contrary, it’s an amateurish one, run only by one person that keeps the station alive fueled by my love to Metal Music and radio. Beside Radio Metal ON I’m involved in other Metal projects such as a weekly 3 hours Metal show in an Fm radio station that exists for almost 18 years, now. And of course I have a family and a professional life, too.

Sorry about this long and boring speech, only want to keep you updated with the explanation of the situation.

Thank you very much for the true listeners and supporters, not including the spammers and rippers that only give me headaches!




Upgrade to

As you can notice, we made a small update to this site, basically by secure reasons and because we already was a bit tired of the old look. At the end, not many changes, at all. Hope you enjoy and of course opinions are always important to us, so let us know what you think.

Most important, hope you keep listen Radio Metal ON channels.



New year, new plans!

2013 was a intense year of searching for a server. A low cost one, that give us capacity to grow. Using new technologies of stream and implement of new channels. Of course we find a lot with capacity to do that but always, too much expensive. Finally and after lots and lots of experimentation, it seems we find a good one, not enough powerful, as initial I want, but that will give us the enough capacity to expand Radio Metal ON.

So for the new year, 2014, you can expect:

-Migration to a new server and the shot down of the old one, so you should update your links to listen (expect this happen in 1 or 2 weeks, maximum) .
-Each channel is now streamed in 2 different formats: mp3 and AAC+ (the latest one thinking in the mobile engines).
-New channels added to Radio Metal ON (2 or 3, not sure yet it all depends in the server capacity)
-And some changes in this site, too.

Hope you will enjoy this changes, as they are made thinking in you, the listener, always trying to give you the best listening experience with the best music.

Happy new year dear Radio Metal ON listeners / friends!
Horns up!

Radio Metal ON needs your support.

Radio Metal ON needs your support:

Please make a donation and help support Radio Metal ON monthly expenses. Don’t care about the quantity, every Euro / Dollar will help a lot and I’ll be very grateful to you.

Radio Metal ON needs to achieve a monthly goal of € 100 / $ 130 USD


Why I’m asking for donations?

– Is no secret that all Radio Metal ON monetary needs (exception made to the site hosting that is offered by the Wizard) are supported only by me (M.J.) with my monthly income from my day job, the same income that I have to pay my family bills and keep survive. And remember RMO is commercial free, what means that there’s no money incoming from the station.

– In 10 years of life RMO never ask for donations, but now RMO expenses will increase because it needs a more powerful server to manage our streams, this fact will cost more money, exactly more € 100 / $ 130 USD, than the actual monthly expenses.

– And why RMO needs a more powerful server? Because I’ll upgrade our streams to a more recent technology, from Shoutcast V1 to Shout V2. This have a lot of advantages to the listeners:

  • a) better sound quality;
  • b) metadata faster delivered to the listener;
  • c) same stream in different formats / bitrates (ex. mp3 at 128 kbs to pc connections and AAC+ at 48 kbs for mobile engines);
  • d) using port 80 to offices connections;
  • and some more great surprises for you!


At the end of each month I’ll post in the site the amount we reach with the donations and the name and country and the quantity each listener donate (if you request to be anonymous of course I’ll keep your name in secret)

So hope you will donate and help keep alive your fave Metal station, Radio Metal ON!

United we are strong!

M.J. (Radio Metal ON owner / manager)


Heavy Brutal update

Some more records and bands added to our musical rotation, this week with special attention to “The Heavy” and “The Brutal“.


Antagonist Zero – Doomed

Cannibal Death God

Cobolt 60 – The Grim Defiance

Cognitive – The Horrid Swarm

Give Em Blood – Seven Sins

Hellveto – Damnaretis

Khroma – Chariots

Muert – Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis

Saint Of Disgrace – For My Pain

Stige – Skar(N)ification

Wet Nightmare – Wet Nightmare


Evil Masquerade – Fade To Black

K-ØS – Planeta Violento

Twilight Gate – Twilight Gate


*Hyades – Abuse Your Illusions

*Hyades – And The Worst Is Yet To Come

* – Requested by a listener

As always, thanks to the bands / labels / promoters for the co-operation .