About Radio Metal On:

Radio Metal On is a very small and independent online metal radiostation, without any economical supports and commercial free. We only count with ourselves, and hopefully with you listening us and make us noticed in the internet. We be very apreciate if you promote us speaking about us to your friends, in your fave metal forums, including links to us in your site, puting our emission in your site/blog/My space page (if interest, please get in touch I’ll send you the codes to the players), puting Radio Metal On in your My Space top friends and so on… All the help/promotion is very wellcome.

For more info or if you are helping/promoting us in anyway, please get in touch throught the email: info(@)metalon.org (please delete ( ), as they are a anti-spam protection)

All the helpers will get a special mention in our site. So, start helps the station that gives you the best Metal for free: Helping us, you are helping the Metal scene too! United we stand! Get in touch!


Radio Metal On History

The project Radio Metal On born from the ashes of Metal Journey Radio (broadcasted using streamer p2p), had the life of 2 years. After one year offline this project return in June 2006, now using Shoutcast technology. Till November 2009, there was only one stream, broadcasting all stiles of Metal and Hard Rock.

Then I decided to split the Radio in 2 sub-radios: “The Heavy” and “The Brutal” and in March 2010 I added a third one “The Thrasher” . I suppose this way, everybody have something pleasant to its hears.

Why a shit name as Radio Metal On? First of all when I imagine the station, I have very cool names in my mind, but after some web searching I discover that all of them already were taken. So as I was thinking in a radio station playing 24 hours a day Metal, I suppose this is a radio where the metal is always ON and never can be OFF, so the name Radio Metal On.
But I think, that more important that the name is the music!



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